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by M for V

From that distant landJulian Sands
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by Julian Sands

The 30th anniversary of your birth is the marking of your gentle soul

You are a lily bud in the palm of my hand

Blink not - for you may disappear into the autumn air

Doing math in my head

I'm all shook up from head to toe

You and I are separated by time and space 

Yet our heart bleeds effortlessly into one

My heart melts into yours

on that elevator ride up

Up and up we go

A moment in time marked by the bell ringer in the sky

Your brave spirit took a journey separated by land and sea

Echo of the wedding bell can be heard in my mind's eye

Forever true

Treacherous journey ahead just to test if our love is real or false

Scar tissue heals quickly

where the scent of your perfume is in the air

30 years for a birthday

50 years for a musical

Never miss a beat or a single night

There are numbers on a roulette table that spins round and round

Your brave spirit guided by destiny 

The magic you seek

The magic we have

and the magic we cherish

Two hearts in one as we dance the night away

Tears running deep into the river bed

Gently flowing away into the sea

Joined by dolphins swimming against the tide

Laughter can be heard from the distant land

The spirit of our ancestors rejoicing in Heaven

On this first day of your birth....

On this first day of November

with so much to remember

30 years ago today

A cry of a newborn can be heard 

From the distant land

M to V

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